THE FIREPLACE INSTALLERS    For A Professional Installation Service




These photographs show the fireplace installation process

The original outset fire has been removed to reveal a closure plate
that fails to meet regulations due to lack of closure tape to seal the
builders opening

pic2After removal of the closure
plate we discover it was fixed to wooden battens. Wood is not a good material to use in a fire opening and again breaks regulations. You can see where it has started to burn over the years.

We have started to remove the old fireplace. This one had a massive hearth that needed digging out as it was made of solid concrete.


pic4Once the hearth has been removed we remove the old unstable brickwork from the builders opening in preperation of the fitting of the new lintel.

With all the old brick work cut out
and bagged up it is time to build up where the old hearth has been dug out and bring the area back up to floor level.

pic6The old gas pipes have been removed from the wall and a new concrete lintel has been cut, angled and installed and bricked up above.


With the new lintel fitted  and the old hearth area levelled it is time to fit the new hearth which is sealed and levelled.

The new marble back panel and surround have been installed and sealed and the flue is heated up before the flue flow test (smoke test) is carried out.

pic9All the tests have been carried out and the new fire is installed. Another Installation complete and time for the decorators to move in.